Carla Arena: Rethinking the Language Classroom – From Mobile to Learning

Recording (34min): Mobile learning brings flexibility and portability to learning. In this presentation, educators will explore the numerous pedagogical uses of iPads in the language classroom with a focus on student production through examples of classroom activities and students‘ projects.

KEYNOTE Dr. Hayo Reinders: The Effects of Aural Input Enhancement On L2 Acquisition through Mobile Learning

Recording (53min): Youtube: There is a great deal of talk about the potential benefits of mobile technology for learning but still relatively little is known about its impact on second language acquisition. In this presentation I will report on a

Mauricio Arango: Empowering English Language Learners with Useful Technology Tools

Recording (31min): Teachers are challenged when incorporating technology tools into their educational settings. The presenter demostrates how to utilize effective available technological resources that empower students to practice a range of skills. Participants explore the benefits of teaching and learning