Recording (30min):

„Put your seat belt as this is going to be a fast ride! In this session we will look at some classroom activities that both integrate technology and enable learners aged 10+ to practice skills. I will also introduce some useful websites and I will particularly be looking at:

• Searching for information – a vital skill for digital natives

• Short reading, writing and listening activities to practice skills

I will consider activities for use with:

1. A projector only

2. Projector and Internet

3. A tablet/ mobile phone/ laptop

Attendees should expect to be active as this will be a fast-paced session and I will set you some challenges to demonstrate how you could set these activities up with your learners. I also would like attendees to share ideas which can be collated afterwards and made into our own skills driving manual. „

Suzanne Mordue is an eLearning Consultant for the British Council. She initially gained a Certificate in Education (a qualification required to teach in UK universities) in 1991 and then moved into teaching EFL abroad; gaining CELTA, CELTYL and DELTA qualifications along the way. She moved into teacher training in 2008. She has made presentations at conferences in Turkey, the UK, Berlin, Armenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Italy. She is a trained online moderator and an advocate of online learning. You can find more out about Suzanne by visiting her portfolio:

Suzanne Mordue: Skills Grand Prix

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