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The VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE web conference is a web conference dedicated to language learning technologies. It is aimed at educators and language teaching professionals in language schools, institutes or other language related organisations.

It is held entirely online using virtual classroom technology and virtual world such as Second Life and provides a superb opportunity to profile one’s company as being truly ‘state-of-the-art’ in understanding and promoting Internet-based learning.

The VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE conference will present a number of web tools and best practise on how to use these tools in class for the benefit of our language learners.

Many appreciative comments from past conferences testify that the conference demonstrates well our efforts to provide “innovative, inspiring and sociable teacher training” for language teaching professionals around the globe.

Our conference recordings have been viewed many thousands of times over and are now housed under the [RECORDINGS] tab on the homepage in the form of individual blogs for easy sharing.



The previous VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE Web  Conferences saw a total of 352 presenters offering 250 sessions to 3480 unique visitors and more than 2141 signed up on the conference website. These were from the following fields :

  • Language teaching professionals
  • Directors of Studies
  • Teacher training organisations
  • Programme Managers and Education Administrators
  • Technology and Service Providers
  • Training Consultants and Company Representatives
  • Deans, Directors and Researchers from Universities and the Higher Education Sector


The VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE Web Conference is unique because … it is a free web conference for language teaching professionalsit takes place in a virtual classroom solution without installation, log-in nor any registration requiredit is solely dedicated to language teaching and learning with technologyALL of the sessions are being recorded 

The 1st VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE web conference took place on 12-13 November 2009 and the 2nd VRT WebCon on 22-23 April 2011, the 3rd one on 8-9 October 2011, the 4thVIRTUAL ROUND web conference on 25-27 March 2011. 

The 5th VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE WebCon took place on 20-22 April 2012. The 6th VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE WebCon took place 17-19 May 2014. The last three VRT WebCons were 3-day conferences due to the many submissions we have received. 

All of the conferences saw a combined total of …

  • hundreds of guest speakers presenting and conducting webinars and workshops
  • all of the session are recorded in case you missed it and for easy review
  • thousands of unique visitors  in more than 95 countries 
  • language experts met in panel discussions, debates, fishbowl discussions or fireside chats  elaborating on research, social media, teacher training and much more
  • Unconferences or barcamps as open sessions which is led by participants’ topics
  • Second Life sessions simulcasted in Adobe ConnectPro, for easy viewing
  • Show & tell’ presentations of products and services for language teachers
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Pecha Kucha nights with 6:40sec Pecha Kuchas presentations
  • innovative virtual simulcast, bridging Second Life with virtual classroom technology
  • poster exhibition
  • Virtual Expo
  • Open Mic session
  • conference parties in Second Life with DJs
  • even an own VRT conference song

To date, the conference is free of charge and relies on sponsorship and voluntary donations. Your contribution may help to maintain this learning experience for language educators.

Guest speakers included amongst others (listed in alphabetical order)…

… honorable guest speakers such as Dr. Waldemar Martyniuk of ECML who presented the opening speech at the 2ndVIRTUAL ROUND TABLE conference about the work of ECML in the area of language learning and technology

…researchers and representatives of CALL(Computer Assisted Language Learning) organizations such as Stephen Bax, Graham Davies, John Gillespie, Ton Koenraad, Inge-Anna Koleff, Andrew Lian, Robert O’Dowd et al.

…Second Life experts such as Helen Myers [Karelia Kondor], Hajnalka Beck [Dorka Nemeth],  Nergiz Kern [Daffodil Fargis], Ylva Lindberg, Chris Smith [Shamblesguru], Dennis Newson [Osnacantab Nesterov], Joe Pereira [Creed Juran], Shiv Rajendran [Kingsbury Yeats], Edith Paillat [Cyber Placebo], David Richardson [Davidric Rinkitink], Graham Stanley [Baldric Commons], Dr. Doris Molero [Pionia Destiny], Paul Sweeney [Paolo Inventor], Amparo Cervantes [Amparo Delvalle], Kae Novak [Kavon Zenovka] and others.

…teacher trainers and teacher training organisations such as Shaun Wilden of International House, Gavin Dudeney of The Consultants-E, Pete Sharma and Kevin Westbrook of Pete Sharma Associate, Russell Stannard of TeacherTrainingVideos, Marisa Constantinides of CELTAthens, Holly Longstroth of ViTA Virtual Teachers Agency, Lindsay Clanfield Marina Petrovic of EduCo, Karenne Sylvester of KalinagoEnglish.

…EU funded projects and other organisations, NGOs such as MUVENATION, AVALON, NIFLAR, ARGuing, eCLIL, IATET, Chain Stories, Lullabies from the Cradle, Don’t give up, EduComics, EuroLib, Web2.0ERC, TOOL for Online and Offline Language Learning, AVATAR, APLaNet.

ELTons winners and nominees such as Lindsay Clanfield, Nicky Hockly, David Warr, Marcos Benavides, Philip Gienandt, Charles Goodger, Nik Peachey, Rob Howard and others.

… webservices, publishers, products vendors and industry representatives such as Graham Stanley and Sirin Soyoz of the British Council, Deborah Capras of Business Spotlight, Bernhard Niesner of Busuu.com, Tim Darling of digital publishing AG, Brad Patterson of EduLang, Stace Wills of Elluminate, Kenny Christian of English Profi, Valentina Dodge and Emma Watson of English 360, Paul Maglione of English Attack Site, Carol Rainbow of Learn4Life, Andrew Donnelly of Mikogo, Simon Beeston of Oxford English Testing, Lukas Palecek of Fronter, Arkady Zilbermann of Language-bridge, Philip Gienandt of LinguaTV, Ben Palmer of OURLesson, Jeff Evans of MindSnack, Lars Gyorvari of phase6, Paul East of Pyramid Group, Ben Buckwold of Red River Press, Duane Sider of Rosetta Stone Inc., Janusz Hamerski of SolarNet, Henry Hon of Vyew, Anthony Green of VOICEBook, Karenne-Joy Sylvester of Voxy, Gagan Biyani of Udemy and others.

…Live online language schools and individual live online teachers such as Shiv Rajendran of LanguageLab, Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart von Talkademy, Stefan Booy of Myngle, Lukas Palecek of WebSchool, Monica Thomas of AdLib, Stephen Jones, Soaad, Hala EL-Khawanky, Vyara Daskalova.

… bloggers, web 2.0 enthusiasts and individual language teachers such as Burcu Akyol, Sean Banville, Tara Benwell, Genevieve Besser, Antonella Berriolo, Janet Bianchini, Isil Boy, Paul Braddock, Paul Breibisch, Neal Chambers, Andy Chaplin, Kalyan Chattopadhyay, V Anitha Devi, Nataly Eydelman,  Seth Dickens, David Dodgson, Carl Dowse, Guido Europeaantje, Alexandra Francisco, Mike Harrison, Judie Haynes, Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Vicki Hollett, Ozge Karaoglu, Cornelia Kreis-Meyer, Tamas Lorincz, Sue Lyon-Jones, Miguel Mendoza, Helen Myers, Henrick Oprea, Nik Peachey, Marina Petrovic, Nicholas Provenzana, Ed Russell, Greta Sandler, Björn Sauerhammer, Vicky Saumell, Tyson Seburn, Faisal Ibrahim al Shamari, Bethany Smith, Shelly Terrell, Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, Berni Wall, Kirsten Winkler.

… networkers such as Kenny Christian (EnglishProfi), Angelika Güttl-Steinhofer (DaF Community) and Maeshell West-Davies (sosocial club)

…Webheads such as Teresa Almeida d’Eca, Carla Arena, Daniela Cuccurullo, Michael Coghlan, Erika Cruvinel, Barbara Dieu, Dafne Gonzalez, Elizabeth Hansen-Smith, Evelyn Izequierdo, Miguel Mendoza, Dr. Doris Molero, Miguel Mendoza, Patrick Murphy, Vance Stevens, Jennifer Verschoor


“The recent Virtual Round Table conference resulted in a powerful exchange of ideas among accomplished peers that belied its comfortable, intimate ambience.  The Ning was well managed to present information needed by participants such as events and forums in an easily navigable format.  The events were carried off flawlessly using Adobe Connect, and the recordings make a substantial contribution to the burgeoning multiliterature on the field of language learning through technology.  The organizers are to be thanked and congratulated.“ Vance, UAE

I’ve spoken at many conferences and conducted workshops in the „real world“, but the best response I’ve had is still from Virtual Roundtable. Let’s do it again! – Mauricio, Australia

To join such a conference, from the comfort of home, at times which suited me, was a delight. I made contact with others around the world who had interesting opinions and were happy to share them. I would love to take part in another virtual conference. – SueUSA

Acquiring such talented presenters and panelists, yet having the content accessible and of interest to all-comers is an art. The balance of topics and depth of this conference and the quality of the many speakers showed the skill and confidence of the curator and her team. Anyone missing out on taking part in this conference would want to make sure that they kept the time clear when the next virtual round table conference is announced. Taking part live – it just makes sense! – Nigel, Australia

The people of Lancelot have done an amazing job pulling this off. The pioneering work of Lancelot and its partners will be written about in the history books of language education. I’m not joking. These people just blow my mind with their knowledge, passion, and dedication. They are just as excited about technology as they are about the fundamentals of language learning. The combination of both, drives them always to the cutting edge of our trade. – Stefan, US

An excellent overview of the wide range of opportunities now available to teachers who really want to get into an online environment. The presenters and moderators struck a fine balance between providing interesting and informative content without overselling their concepts and services. – BrentGermany

A nice way to be a student again. We could chat and enjoy learning things. We spent some very nice moments sharing our understanding of our work, the questions we have and the ideas. A positive and highly enjoyable experience. – DominiqueFrance

The best thing about the Virtual Round Table Conference was the fact that at any given moment we had the chance to swap ideas with more than 40 people from around the world. This gave me the opportunity to put my own experience of teacher training and technological issues in ELT here in Brazil in perspective with colleagues around the world and this has subsequently led me to re-think a number of issues. It couldn’t have been a more enriching experience. – Valéria, Brazil

Position your organisation as an e-learning industry leader by sponsoring the VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE through one of our exclusive sponsorship packages!

All sponsorship packages include the positioning of your logo/ visual identity, top sponsors’ logos will receive distinctive positioning:

  • On the ‘Sponsors’ page with a link to your website
  • In all conference mailings from the delegates database
  • On all virtual classroom conference slides
  • In the post-conference report sent to the press

May we thank our previous conference sponsors for their support to keep the Virtual Round Table free of registration fees, which, due to the global nature of an online conference and the various exchange rate difference would exclude some to benefit from this timely information.

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