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Teachers are challenged when incorporating technology tools into their educational settings. The presenter demostrates how to utilize effective available technological resources that empower students to practice a range of skills. Participants explore the benefits of teaching and learning with technology tools and how to utilize and integrate them into their own settings.

Mauricio Arango, EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher at the Colombo Americano in Medellin, Colombia. He has presented in local and international TESOL events in Costa Rica. Panama, Peru, the United States, and Venezuela. He does teacher training in some social-academic projects carried out in Colombian provincial towns and whose main goal is to improve teacher’s language skills, and pedagogical and technological competencies. Implementing CALL in those rural areas where internet access and even electrical supplies are inconsistently available is one of his professional challenges. Mauricio is one of the WorldCALL 2013 scholarship winners to attend this conference in Glasgow, Scotland from July 10 – 13.

Mauricio Arango: Empowering English Language Learners with Useful Technology Tools

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