Blended learning has proven to be a powerful approach to acquire languages.  Is blended “last decade”? It depends. Myngle has taken the lessons from the past and it is re-applying them with new technology. By combining lessons online with a live teacher and the asynchronous tool called Aula Virtual de Español (AVE) by Instituto Cervantes, Myngle is proving that “blended” is not old; it just needs a facelift.
AVE is a web-based self-study program for Spanish. Students can enter the ‘classroom’ at any time, a Myngle teacher trained by Instituto Cervates in the content and methodology of the AVE, can assist the student inside the AVE. And can meet the same student for live meetings that follow the curriculum of the AVE. In sum, students can benefit from live online classes, access to the AVE self-study and to additional tools in Myngle’s library.
The presentation will demonstrate with concrete evidence the pro’s and con’s of this approach and what are some of the possibilities further into the future.

About Hala El-Khawanky
Hala EL-Khawanky is Myngle’s Education Supervisor. She is responsible for teacher selection and training, evaluating language courses and guiding teachers in the development of their courses. She is also a certified Arabic and English teacher with Myngle.
Hala has 8 years professional experience in both offline and online language training. She received her qualification as a certified T.E.F.L. teacher from the Cambridge Training College in the U.K. and recently became accredited with the Lancelot School Certification.
Hala has given presentations and held lectures on many occasions on subjects ranging from Education Technology, organizing and developing effective methodologies, classroom pedagogy, time management and teamwork in the classroom. Hala also speaks Spanish, Italian and is currently learning German.

The New Blended – a Case Study

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