Recording:  (26min) In my presentation, I would like to outline my personal experiences of storytelling in the classroom with an emphasis on the role of  Web 2.0 tools and the use of images to enhance learning opportunities.

Storytelling in the 21st century has changed dramatically with the advent of new technologies.  It has become a much more dynamic, fluid, flexible and at times, multi-dimensional process, which uses all sorts of different media. Digital networks and social media can help spread a newsworthy story and make it go viral in minutes, thereby creating a generation of unexpected authors.  Not just one author but many authors can connect globally in the creation of  a story.  I will mention some innovative and collaborative storytelling projects I have personally been involved in, which have taken me to a new level. I will also share some great insights gained from my Electronic Village Online Digital Storytelling e-course and show how I responded to  some of  the  motivating storytelling tasks and challenges.

Janet Bianchini has been teaching  EFL for many years to students and teachers from around the globe.  She retains the same passion and enthusiasm for her work  as  when she first started on her chosen career path.  She has a special interest in integrating new technologies in her lessons. When she is not tending to her olive trees or menagerie, Janet occupies herself with various online projects involved with teaching and blogging. View Janet’s Abruzzo Edublog for more tips on technology,  or follow her on Twitter @janetbianchini

Storytelling in the Digital Era

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