Recording:  (1h 53min)

Panel  mlearning with

  • Ben Buckwold (Red River Press)
  • Carol Rainbow (Oxfordshire ICT team)
  • Brad Patterson (Edulang)
  • Jeff Evans (Mindsnacks)
  • Karenne-Joy Sylvester (Voxy)
  • Berni Wall (Gapfillers)

Moderation: Shelly Terrell and Heike Philp

Carol Rainbow, advisory teacher and ICT consultant. As a member of the Oxfordshire ICT curriculum team she is supporting 70 Oxfordshire schools in implementing their new Learning Platform as a tool to improve strategic management, facilitate easy sharing of resources between teachers and teachers and children and create exciting curricular opportunities for pupils and giving all of the school community access to their resources 24/7 to facilitate always anywhere learning. The learning platform has forums, blogs, wikis, the ability to embed Flash, games and video so lots of scope for exciting web 2.0 projects to enhance teaching and learning. Carol’s role is to support teachers by enabling the successful use of these resources in class. Her biggest interest for the moment is investigating how mLearning may help to enhance learning across the county.

Karenne Sylvester is a certified TESOL trainer, working as a freelancer in Stuttgart, Germany and she specializes in teaching adult learners in the financial/ banking, energy, engineering and IT sectors.  She has lived, taught and worked all over the world: from the Caribbean to the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Ecuador. Karenne recently co-authored Working with Films for Klett Verlag, has written audio material for Didactica and wrote the English version of an animation film, City Animals.  She regularly contribute to teaching magazines both offline and online. Apart from her blog, she is the sole proprietor and webmaster of Kalinago English and author of SimplyConversationsTM, a pedagogically sound speaking skills system, designed to activate language learners‘ fluency.  She also take care of the ELTAS website and recently began writing a blog for Business English language students: Business English >5mins. One of the things she is most proud of being is „Ning.Mistress“ of BELTfree, a private community of blogging teachers in ELT and they are a supportive group of reflective educators. Karenne is also an  Edtech teacher trainer and has presented internationally at IATEFL, TESOL Spain and  for numerous teaching associations, language institutions and community colleges as well as in webinars.

Berni Wall and run RLI a small language school offering one to one training and short total immersion English language courses in the UK for individuals and groups of up to 4 students. I also run Gapfillers a site for advanced English language learners who want to study online. I co-moderate and co-ordinate the blog summaries for #edchat and am co-founder and moderator of #eltchat. I am also on the organising team for the Virtual Round Table.

My blog Radical Language gives tips and advice to English language students to help them with their study (especially those who are trying to learn by themselves) and also hosts the edchat summaries.

I live and work in North Yorkshire in the middle of the countryside where I host and teach students and also run free teacher Professional Development Workshops.

I am @rliberni on Twitter and Bern DarkRose in Second Life. I have no virtual pets but do have a dog, cat,10 hens and 4 very non-virtual daughters!

PANEL: mLearning

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