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A presentation on how we as teachers can use technology to help our students learning creatively and build confidence. It would also show how we can develop professionally by experimenting, brain-storming and generating ideas. By modelling creativity ourselves, students benefit by assimilating similar thinking skills.

It’s a teaching/learning feedback loop where technology serves education. We embrace best practices in teaching and use technology to take them to the next level for 21st Century learning and future digital generations.

I am a professional English Language Teacher, with a Degree in English Literature, a higher Diploma in Education, and T.E.F.L qualifications.I’ve been teaching English for eighteen years. I have experience in Ireland, and mostly in Greece. I ran my own offline tutoring business for seven years before moving my business online. I have found working online to be extremely liberating as we have the technology to develop more of our own courses, materials and books.  It has encouraged me to write and blog about education, and share what I know with other teachers.Over the years I’ve taught people from many walks of life, and pride myself on my ability to understand my students and lead them on their path to success.

I’ve taught at primary and secondary school level. I’ve taught literacy skills to adults, and have a great interest in dyslexia and learning disabilities.

In the private sector I’ve taught doctors, university professors, university students, engineers, housewives, kids and teenagers of all ages.I also specialise in exam preparation, and have had great success with students in Cambridge proficiency, Cambridge first certificate, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Michigan, etc.As I live in Greece with my Greek husband and four bilingual children, I also teach my own kids English and have a great interest in bilingualism. As you can see, teaching is not just a job for me, it’s a way of life: As a teacher I believe in giving students the tools to create their own success.

Sylvia Guinan: Creative thinking with technology

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