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DaFWEBKON is an annual web conference for teachers of German, an offshoot of the Virtual Round Table Web Conference. It focuses on teaching and learning of German with technology, web-based applications and aims to network teachers around the world.The 3rd DaFWEBKON takes place next year, 15-16 March 2014 and has as its theme mobile learning. So far the previous two web conferences saw a total of 99 guest speakers and 930 participants.

Angelika Guettl-Strahlhofer runs, a consultancy company on web-based training and blended learning. She works as (online) teacher trainer at the „Virtuelle Pädagogische Hochschule“ in Austria. In 2006 she co-founded the, where DaF (=German as foreign language) teachers worldwide meet online on a weekly basis and co-organizes the DaFWEBKON, a live online conference for teachers of German

KEYNOTE Angelika Guettl-Strahlhofer: DaFWEBKON

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