Recording (25min)

If students find ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ challenging, they can sometimes turn into reluctant learners and even lose their self-confidence. Then, they may need a ‘second chance’ to be encouraged. It is very much possible to help them to use the target language in meaningful tasks with a real audience. Through some Web 2.0 tools that will be shared in this workshop, students will not only have fun, but also improve their language skills. The presenter will draw attention to ‘wiki’ and ‘Beyaz Pano*’ activities from her own class and suggest some other tools. (*‘Beyaz Pano’ is a free Turkish online platform where you can open digital classrooms.)

Merve Oflaz has been a teacher since 1998 and currently she is an instructor at Bahcesehir University, a material developer at the British Council Turkey, a freelance teacher trainer and a Cambridge ESOL examiner. She has a B.A. in TEFL from Marmara University and an M.A. in TEFL from Yeditepe University. She holds the ICELT. She has written articles and given talks at local and international conferences. Her interests include learning styles, brain dominance, and teaching with movies.

Merve Oflaz: Turkey Give your students a second chance

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