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In this symposium we will explore different ways of designing materials and activities suitable for online lessons through video-conferencing. We will look at how to create interactive materials using a digital tool, demonstrate live storytelling techniques, think about the practical aspects of using paper-based versus digital materials and explore how to design tasks around learner-generated materials in the following short talks:

Michelle Worgan, Spain

Designing interactive online materials using Thinglink 

Michelle Worgan will look at how to create interactive materials for online lessons using Thinglink. We’ll explore an example lesson which will allow you to see the potential this free tool has in the creation and curation of online materials. 

Michelle Worgan is an ELT materials writer specialising in primary education, based in Spain. As well as materials for primary, pre-primary, and lower-secondary courses, she also writes educational and blog content for international clients. She frequently gives workshops at conferences and also runs a local teaching association.

Teresa Bestwick, Spain

Using learner-generated content in live online lessons

Teresa Betswick will look at how you can incorporate images and videos into the lesson to practise productive skills. Using learner-generated content makes the lesson more engaging and memorable, particularly for our teen learners.

Teresa Bestwick is a teacher trainer and materials writer based in Spain. She writes materials for adolescents as well as tutoring on Trinity-accredited Certificate and Diploma courses. She loves professional development, speaks at conferences throughout Spain and has recently delivered a series of webinars specifically aimed at teachers transitioning to an online environment.

Margarita Kosior, Greece

Fighting for causes through live storytelling 

Margarita Kosior will explore an example storytelling session to demonstrate how stories can be used to inspire young learners to fight for a social cause. We will also discuss how an experience as direct and personal as storytelling can be transferred to the screen without losing its personal touch.

Margarita Kosior is an educator, teacher trainer, conference presenter, materials writer, but also a storyteller and a children’s author. She has written “Toby to the rescue”, a picture book in the Tales of strays series, and started a campaign with the same name aiming to raise awareness of the issue of stray animals. In her free time, Margarita takes pictures and dances.

Symposium – Materials design for live online lessons

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