RECORDING (59min):
This is a worshop and you are invited to create online assessments with simple tools. At the end of the workshop you will know how to assess a lesson.
Equipment/ Software needed
Please download and install the following apps
One Note by Microsoft (works on desktop, tablet or smartphone)
Quizalize (works on desktop, tablet or smartphone)
Write and Improve Cambridge English (no need to install, opens in a browser)

Nobody can deny the necessity and importance of Professional Development for enhancing teachers’ skills and improving the quality of teaching provided to students in class. Yet there is always a missing gear that sometimes takes us to a halt!! Where are we? Are we helping students to achieve improvement in language learning for real life use or are we stuck nowhere and have lost our way?? This missing gear is Evaluation and Assessment. It’s not only the work of Supervisors and Researchers, it should be the work of teachers as well as they are the direct and f2f factor of applying what researchers imply. They need to understand how to assess their work and students’ learning. Assessment Literacy is the missing light that would give teachers a different perspective of what they are doing.

Through my Presentation I’d like to suggest an interesting system that blends both traditional and technological tools to help teachers learn about assessment in an enjoyable practical way and at the same time encourage them to read more about it. I would introduce different programs or apps online that would help promote teachers’ assessment literacy and its relation to differentiated learning directly affecting their students. It would help teachers assess their work and the progress achieved by their students as well.

Maha Hassan is the Founder/Ceo of Teaching ESL Hub (formerly Maha ESL Community), Teacher Trainer and Head of English Dept. at the Arab Academy for Training Technology. She has presented at a number of International Conferences including IATEFL,  K12 Online Conference, TD SIG IATEFL, Nile Tesol , LIF (Language in Focus), Global Education Online Conference as well as at Reinventing the Classroom, Learning Revolution Online Conferences, MMCV7 & 8. She also had a number of papers published on IATEFL Voices, Pilgrims “A New Contribution to Bloom’s Taxonomy”, HEIS International Tesol Newsletter, Nile Tesol Newsletter and She also blogs on:

Maha Hassan – Online Assessment

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