Nick Koretsky
Teaching tenses with Grammar Organizer
Moderation: Heike Philp

Verbal grammar is the most difficult topic in ESL teaching. Students have troubles with numerous English tenses, their forms and use. To solve this problem a new teaching tool is introduced — Grammar Organizer (GO). A 2D GO is Interactive Grammar Navigator — . A 3D GO is Grammar Cube – . A number of different designs handle specific grammar teaching topics (e.g. Sequence of Tenses – ). One hour “do as I do“ workshop will show cases of using Grammar Organizer in practical teaching.

Nick Koretsky – inventor of the Grammar Organizer(GO), developer of GO-based teaching technology. An ESL teacher with 20+ years of experience. 3D modeling hobbyist (Blender) with some background in IT/engineering/physics.

For the presentation please click here.

Nick’s videos

Nick Koretsky – Teaching tenses with Grammar Organizer

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