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Moderation: Heike Philp is a dynamic and engaging language learning resource, created by teachers, offering a variety of interactive games and activities to help students learn a foreign language, as well as an innovative tracking tool so teachers can set homework and monitor progress. Languagenut offers vocabulary training, grammar practice, translation exercises and comprehensive reading, listening, writing and speaking activities to help students improve their confidence. Languagenut works with a number of publishers, including Hueber, Hodder Education and Hachette, and offers a number of products aimed at primary and secondary schools, as well as for refugees to learn Swedish or German as a foreign language.

Zoe Thorne is Head of Content at Languagenut, as well as a former teacher of French, German and EFL. She is also the co-author of a number of MFL textbooks with Hodder Education. She is passionate about ed-tech and how technology can support (rather than replace!) language learning.

Zoe Thorne – Languagenut

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