The Gamerize Dictionary

Adam Kardo, Japan


The Gamerize Dictionary is a gamified learner dictionary, consisting of a teacher/school portal and a mobile app for students. Like a paper dictionary, It is a tool to be used alongside language learning courses, books or other activities. It allows teachers to make custom multi-staged lessons (adventures) using content from a carefully graded learner dictionary within minutes.

Based on motivation theory and some of the most compelling gamification features such as those used in Farmville and Pokemon Go, the student app helps learners to build the consistent study habit needed to succeed at learning a language.

Key features included: spaced repetition system, cutting edge voice recognition, AI guided review, RPG adventure, Mini Games and a kingdom building feature/game economy, and more.


Adam Kardos is the founder of AAS Press, teacher trainer and author of multiple textbooks and graded readers for young learners, including ‚Here Come The Unicorns‘ winner of the 2020 Language Learner Literature Award for Very Young Learners.

He has also written a number of music albums for children.

The Gamerize Dictionary

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