Let’s get moving!

Healthy body, healthy mind in the online learning

Cathy Salonikidis, Greece


Being cognitively and physically engaged in the online classroom sounds impossible? Not anymore!

This short presentation focuses not only on ideas and tips on how to create and facilitate online learning that engages and inspires young learners but also explains the way to keep them physically active without making them feel restless and bored. It is a given fact that students spend too many hours in front of the screen with very little, if any exercise and that can cause many health problems. If we were to add some physical activity in our online classroom, our learners would feel less stressed and would be more productive. I will introduce an activity , in the form of a game, that involves movement and gives the learners a break from the screen and their desk chair. A healthy body makes a healthy mind! So, are we ready to get them moving???

Cathy Salonikidis, a TESL post graduate from Concordia University, a Cambridge Speaking Examiner, an Exam Consultant in Israel and an international ELT Conference Presenter , has been an ELT teacher in Canada, U.S., Colombia, U.K. and Greece for over 25 years. She is interested in the communicative approach in language teaching and her aim is to promote art into engaged activities.

Healthy body, healthy mind in the online learning

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