Mondly: an ideal resource for teaching and learning English in an interactive and innovative way

Cecilia Frontera and Jesica Marianela Vallejos

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To consolidate our knowledge regarding a new language, it is essential to have intuitive, dynamic and innovative tools that allow us to memorize specific vocabulary, optimize our oral and written level of the language; in short, those apps should offer the possibility of learning while playing. A tool that meets these requirements is Mondly, a mobile application based on virtual reality, neuroscience and gamification. Mondly promotes the learning of 41 languages through instructive micro-pills in the form of activities that fosters the enrichment of vocabulary, grammar work and the improvement of the levels of reading, writing, pronunciation and listening comprehension skills.

By downloading the application (available for IPhone, IPad and Android devices), we will have the possibility to access some free lessons and, if we wish, we can unlock all the games and levels by opting for a paid monthly or annual subscription.

Apart from allowing young people and adults training in languages with activities based on everyday situations, Mondly also has a version created for children (Mondly Kids). The children version (4-8 years old) offers a playful and interactive environment mediated by the use of recurring themes such as colors, nature, food, among others.

In 2017, Mondly was nominated by Facebook as „the application of the year“ due to its many benefits and potential. In fact, it offers a very encouraging panorama for educators, students and all those who are in the process of learning languages.


Cecilia Frontera has a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Andragogy Autonomous University. Degree in Educational Technology from the National Technological University, Buenos Aires Regional School. Thesis director of the homonymous degree career. Transmedia Narrative Specialist. Diploma in Public Relations and Human Resources (GESTAR EDUCATIVA).

CEO and founder of the educational consultancy E-ducadores Transmediáticos ( ).World Parliamentarian in the World Parliament for Education. Member of the Scientific Committee of the magazine Educación y Sociedad, of the University of Ciego de Ávila Máximo Gómez Báez (Cuba).

National and international lecturer who has participated for more than a decade in various professional and academic events of distinguished institutions such as the Technological University of Honduras, the National Technological University, the University of Palermo, the Argentine Catholic University, the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and of Mexico, the Centers for Training, Information and Educational Research, among others. Literature teacher in secondary level educational institutions.

Curator of content at the Latin American Repository of Educational Calls (, an organization that received the international award “Open Repository Award for Excellence 2020″, granted by the Open Education Awards Global „, in recognition of the excellent work done by the team of curators from 15 Latin American countries.

Writer of various articles and scientific papers, in 2019 she published her book „The Transmedia Narrative: interactive proposals to work in the classroom“, which is part of the Education and Technology Collection of the publisher Sb, which has been declared of academic and cultural interest in Argentina. Besides, she has received international recognition by various institutions such as FINTES (International Federation of Specialists), UNIBOL Guaraní and Pueblos de Tierras Bajas APIGUAKI TÜPA, among others. In addition, he wrote a book chapter for an international edition „Transmedia Dimensions“, published by the Portuguese publisher Ría.

In 2020 she presented her international collaborative e-book “Edutainment and gamification: Learning can and should be fun”, a valuable material written together with Mexican colleagues linked to the field of education and medicine, published by the Frovel publishing house and endorsed by CIECI (Center for Educational Research and Institutional Training, SC).

Winner of the 2019 TICMAS Pioneer Teachers award, organized by the Vida Tec company, which honors the use of an educational platform, promoting equal opportunities and meaningful and interactive learning in students.


Facebook: Ceci Frontera

Twitter: @CeciFrontera

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Mondly: an ideal resource for teaching and learning English in an interactive and innovative way

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