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When „Harry“ Met Sally: Peer-to-Peer Simulations in Online Learning

Elizabeth Robinson, Wendy Simmerman, Carolina Bell, Greg Ballif

Brigham Young University, USA  

While there is generally agreement about the value of peer-to-peer interaction in courses, creating functional, smooth interactions in online courses is sometimes a challenge. Enter simulated peer activities. This poster will show 5 ways we have created peer simulations in online language courses [email, text, IM, uploaded recordings, video critiques] with links to see each in action and an overview of relevant literature.

Elizabeth Robinson is an instructional designer for BYU Independent Study and focuses on the development of world language courses. She obtained her master’s degree focused in Spanish Pedagogy from Brigham Young University. Lizzie is a fan of cookie dough ice cream.
Wendy Simmerman manages TA/Tutor Services for BYU’s Division of Continuing Education. She has a master’s degree in Instructional Design and taught university writing for a decade. Wendy is addicted to dark chocolate pecans and jalapeño chips.
Carolina Bell oversees World Language TAs & Tutors at BYU. She is a licensed 6-12 teacher Spanish Teacher with emphasis in Multicultural Education.  Carolina loves taking care of her cats Tom and Jerry.
Greg Ballif is a BYU student majoring in Advertising and Spanish. Greg loves Indian food, especially Tikki Masala.


When „Harry“ Met Sally: Peer-to-Peer Simulations in Online Learning

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