Recording (26min):

What is “flipped” teaching?  What is blended learning? What do learners do in class? At home? Come along to this session to explore myths and misconceptions about “flipped” classrooms and “blended” learning approaches. The session will outline the benefits of hybrid courses by focusing on creating individualised learning opportunities, flexible spaces for reflection and new forms interaction. The session will show how the real “flip” in course design and delivery isn’t about new tools, how it isn’t about sharing a new video to watch before a face-to-face session or simply doing homework on a screen. Profitable, successful flips or blends depend on offering opportunities for discovery, co-operation, collective effort and interaction and developing knowledge, new levels of engagement and responsibility together.

Making it flip not flop means valuing the humans at the centre of the educational process.

Valentina Dodge is Learning Manager for English360 where she oversees content, pedagogy, teaching, and academic matters for English360. She works closely with educators and school owners on a global scale to help them provide personalised English learning programmes to meet their student and customer needs. She collaborates with and supports English language teachers all over the world to help them publish and share lesson and courses for blended or online delivery. She organises training sessions and support forums on instructional design and blended course organisation to allow educators to combine their own materials and lesson plans with high quality course material from a range of publisher. She is based in Salerno, Italy.

Valentina Dodge: English360 No Flippin‘ Idea

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