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EnglishCentral is a pioneering online publisher that harnesses the powerful context of authentic video for language teaching and study. It provides teachers with tools to prepare and present a video curriculum. This workshop provide a rationale for using video in the classroom and explain how teachers can get started by making a class page and assigning exciting video lessons and courses for their students to study.  There will be time to ask any questions you might have about using video and EnglishCentral in your classroom. All attendees will get a code for immediate free Premium seats their students can use.

David Deubelbeiss is a professor, educational consultant and teacher trainer currently at the Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University, North Bay, Canada. He is a leader in promoting the use of technology in language teaching and the use of social media in education. He is the Director of Education at EnglishCentral. Find him online at his professional development community for teachers, EFL Classroom 2.0 or through his google profile. He espouses the simple teaching philosophy of “When one teaches, two learn.”

David Deubelbeiss: EnglishCentral Using EnglishCentral At Your School

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