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Beyza Yilmaz

Twitter: Getting most out of it

This session will be on the importance of using twitter as an English teacher. Some ways of utilizing this wonderful tool as a way of building a Personal Learning Network (PLN )and connecting with like minded educators will be outlined and some suggestions for making the most of out of twitter will be given using real examples.


Beyza Nur Yılmaz is an EFL instructor at Özyeğin University School of English Language Instruction. She worked at Bahçeşehir University English Preparatory Programme for six years. She received her BA in English Language Teaching from İstanbul University in 2005 and her Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching from Middle East Technical University in 2012. Her thesis is on Online Communities of Practice and Teacher Development. She did her CELTA in 2007. She has presented both in national and international conferences and co-moderated two sessions in Electronic Village Online, a project of CALL interest section of TESOL. Her interest areas cover Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), teacher education, Media Assisted Language Learning (MALL) discourse analysis, online Communities of Practice and instructional design. She is going to work as a teacher trainer in Pilgrims Teacher Training to deliver courses on using technology in language teaching.

Twitter: Getting most out of it by Beyza Yilmaz

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