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Janet Bianchini

Janet’s project 366: Ten Ideas for Exploiting Personal Images

I was inspired to take up the challenge of posting an image a day for the whole 366 days of 2012 via the examples set by members of my PLN on Twitter.
This presentation will outline some practical ideas that can be exploited for lessons simply by using your own personal everyday images. 
Images indeed promote a powerful effect and can be exploited in a multitude of areas. I will focus on 10 ideas that I have come up with from the images I have posted in the first 4 months of 2012. These ideas range from amongst others, the following:
• eliciting idioms via the use of carefully selected images
• promoting communication possibilities
• creating stories to successfully unleash the power of one’s creative abilities
• visual prompts for podcasts relating to real life events and projects
The current use of Posterous as a blogging platform (recently acquired by Twitter) has made Project 366 a very pleasant and creative experience so far. I would like to share some of my thoughts in this presentation.

Bio Janet Bianchini

Janet Bianchini has been teaching EFL for many years to students and teachers from around the globe. She retains the same passion and enthusiasm for her work as when she first started on her chosen career path in 1979. She has a special interest in learning about integrating new technologies. She likes the challenge of presenting online whenever the opportunity arises.
When she is not tending to her olive trees or menagerie, Janet occupies herself with various online projects involved with teaching and blogging. View Janet’s Abruzzo Edublog for more tips on technology, or follow her on Twitter @janetbianchini

Janet’s project 366: Ten Ideas for Exploiting Personal Images by Janet Bianchini

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