In this session Kirsten Winkler will give an overview on the emerging trends in education 2.0 for 2011 and beyond. Which verticals attract customers and funding, which are most likely to either vanish or turn into features of a product or service.

In the past months it seems as if education 2.0 reached a tipping point. More and more innovative start-ups come on the market and a fair amount of the already established ones were able to attract substantial funding from angels and VCs. Based on this data, Kirsten will explain which verticals have the biggest traction and what the reasons and resulting conclusions are.

Kirsten Winkler is one of the pre-eminent bloggers in education 2.0 and has been covering the market since 2009 on and
Since March 2011 she also writes about the future of education on her new Big Think blog „Disrupt Education“.

Besides the edu-journalism, Kirsten has been consulting various start-ups as well as established companies in the education space and she is a founding council member of the Fifth Conference, a global think tank for innovation.

Trends in education 2.0 for 2011

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