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Paul Preibisch

The Avatar Classroom – A turnkey SLOODLE website connected to virtual 3D classroom
In this session, Edmund Edgar and Fire Centaur will discuss how the Avatar Classroom can connect your Moodle Quizes, assignments, and online competitions to your Virtual World Classroom. Come find out how you can get your very own Moodle Hosted website connected to the Virtual World in just a few clicks. For more information, please view:

Bio Paul Preibisch

Paul Preibisch is a programmer with a keen interest in education in virtual worlds. Paul served as one of the lead developers of the Sloodle project, and is currently working with Edmund Edgar in Tokyo on the Avatar Classroom – a turn key Moodle / Sloodle connected classroom for educators in Virtual worlds.
Paul’s past experience includes working as an educator in Daegu and Seoul, South Korea.

The Avatar Classroom – A turnkey SLOODLE website connected to virtual 3D classroom

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