Recording (26min):

This talk looks at the challenges of presenting ESL exam practice content, often designed for paper based tests, to learners using a wide variety of devices and screen resolutions. Should the content be presented as apps, and if so, which platforms should be supported? Or is it better to develop a generic web site for mobile users? If so, is the choice between a responsive design that adapts to each user, whether they be on a desktop machine or a mobile device, or a mobile specific web site which duplicates only some of the content of the desktop site?

These and other questions will be addressed using the experience gained while managing, a leading exam practice web site, in attempting to accommodate the growing number of learners accessing the internet on mobile devices.

Steve Chadwick is director of, a site serving 3 million free practice tests a month, and has long experience in the ESL exam sector as a teacher, examiner, software developer and software publisher.

Steven Chadwick: Exam Practice Content to Desktop and Mobile Platforms

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