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Online videos can be an ideal supplement to both traditional classroom teaching and online tutoring in order to create a blended learning environment with many benefits to teachers and learners.Useful videos can feature authentic dialogues, presentations and speeches and selected dos and don’ts. They can be used for building-up vocabulary and useful phrases, for teaching pronunciation as well as initiating role-plays and discussions.This session will show the practical usage of online videos and its integration in Language Training as well as a reflection of its strengths and limitations.

Philip Gienandt is co-founder and CEO of Berlin-based LinguaTV GmbH. Philip has more than 20 years of work experience in eLearning and Online Entertainment (incl. webTV and Games) and has worked in several managerial positions in International Business and Strategy Development in Germany, France and the USA. He holds a diploma in International Management Science from University of Mannheim / Germany and received his MBA from City University of New York / USA. LinguaTV provides online video lectures and interactive elearning content for teaching languages and training of cross-cultural communication. LinguaTV was nominated by The British Council for the ELTons International Award for Innovation 2011, was awarded with the Comenius EduMedia Seal in 2010 and received the World Summit Award 2009 for the world´s best eContent in the category “elearning and education”. More information at

Philip Gienandt: LinguaTV Benefits of Videos in Online Language Training

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