When you watch this 90min recording of this event, you will agree with me that live online language teaching has come of age. That in fact, we are now seeing a level of expertise that includes the full array of synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous tools which allows for a fabulous method and tool mix. We are calling this ‚BLENDED PLUS‘ (as coined by avameo)

A live online teacher can encourage language learners greatly to produce language in form of audio recordings, blogs, wikis, upload images and slides, screenshare, take over moderator rights etc.

The skillful use of interactive whiteboard activities can create a great learning experience.

Teachers may help their learners to connect with each other or with experts from outside or socialise at NING sites, Second Life or other sociable environments which we can introduce them to.

We discussed …

  • the role of the live online language teacher
  • method mix and tool mix
  • interactivity in the virtual classroom
  • live online environment as a social environment
  • the art of homework and how to use the time in class effectively (synchronous versus asynchronous)

Marina demonstrated Vyew, a virtual classroom that allows the teachers to build asynchronous activities with voice recordings and with whiteboard annotations, movable text, quizzes and surveys. An excellent VC which is free of charge for up to 10 participants and has a good voice over IP and webcam too.

The link for the recording is HERE

Pedagogy of Live Online Teaching with Marina Petrovic and Jose Louwes

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