Monday, 19 July 2010, 9:30pm CET (Berlin)
59 participants from USA, Greece, the Netherlands, Turkey, India, Uzbekistan, UK, Russia, Egypt, Uruguay, Germany, Poland, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Spain, France, Romania, Brazil, Hungary, Marocco, St. Petersburg.

Language teaching live online is language teaching in real-time at a distance using virtual classroom technology, a collaborative software which is often also called web conferencing or video conferencing.

Guest speaker Carl Dowse takes us through some of the features of this visually rich and communicative environment and Heike Philp will talk us through the pedagogical principles of teaching live online as developed in the EU funded LANCELOT project.

And here is the link to the mindmap with a list of features (work in progress)
In case you missed it, here is the RECORDING

Some of the questions asked by the audience were:
– which virtual classroom solution is better?
– how much does it cost?
– how to deal with an echo problem?
– how to use asynchronous elements of the software and which software does this best?
– what is the major difference between Skype and a virtual classroom?
– how do you use breakout rooms?
– access rights, roles such as host, presenter, participant

Heike showed how screensharing works and showed samples of how to use the whitebard.

Language Teaching Live Online with guest speaker Carl Dowse (Webinar)

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