Panel Discussion
Fri 13 November 2009, 1pm GMT The „start-up“ panel on how to build an online teaching business.

Panelists (in alphabetical order)
Stephen Jones,
Lukas Palecek, CEO of
Monica Thomas, Ad_Lib Language School in the UK

Stephen Jones

About Stephen Jones

Lukáš Palecek

About Lukáš Palecek
Lukas, 27, is the head of the Czech based online school. Having finished the Anglo American University in Prague he went through the first LANCELOT course in 2007 and started teaching online. In 2008 he set up WebSchool s.r.o. and started work on the projects of the WebSchol Group. A series of the web-based school’s projects are about to be launched in the coming months. Through WebSchool s.r.o. Lukas now representsSpreed virtual clasroom and the Fronter learning platform in CZ and SK. He is also heading to his Msc in E-learning in 2010.

Monica Thomas

About Monica Thomas
Monica Thomas is the director of online English language schools Ad_Lib English and Ad_Lib Business. The company came to existence in September 2008. Initially, its services were directed at the Polish community in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. In July 2009, Ad_Lib English opened up to the world accepting students from countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation. With over 1,200 registered users, we believe that Ad_Lib English is at the beginning of a difficult but exciting journey.

CLICK HERE for the 1h 14 min recording

PANEL DISCUSSION: „Imagination is more importent than knowledge“ Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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