Online Presentation
Thu 13 November 2009, 11:40am GMT

With more than 150 freelance networks online, English Profi is the only site tailored to the unique needs of all the major English language services providers. We are committed to ensuring professional English language service providers don’t get washed out in vast freelance networks. We recognize that English language services are a critical niche market for global competitiveness and business success. As our language services community grows, so does our ability to leverage advertising and marketing to your benefit. This short presentation will outline how we strive to imporve your freelance business.

About Kenny Christian
Kenny Christian founded English Profi last year. He is a medical device engineer from southern California who moved to Germany and started teaching English as a freelancer. The struggles for freelancers were quickly apparent and became the fertile ground for English Profi. For a more detailed history see his linked in profile

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