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What do you do when you teach in a computerless classroom and you happen to be a technogeek? Moreover, you teach adult students who claim they have no time to work on their English between classes? And then, you notice that their writing is lagging behind their other competences? You can accept the situation, or you  can try to change something.

Online forums can help here, by creating a real need for communication. While I haven’t flipped my classroom completely, I have managed to rotate it slightly. To motivate the students to write, I tempted them with authentic online materials, such as YouTube videos, short stories, non-fiction texts and webquests. In my presentation I will show how these serve as effective writing prompts. Moreover, they help both the teacher and the students explore their own interests and hobbies, which might not always be catered for in the textbooks.

Natasa Bozic Grojic comes from Belgrade, Serbia. She works in a private language school and her students are adults. She has been working as a language teacher for 24 years and  believes it is the best job in the world. SheI spends a lot of time online, learning and sharing with other teachers. She is passionate about blogging and digital storytelling. SheI blogs at and you can see her eportfolio at  She am a member of Webheads in Action.

Natasa Bozic Grojic: Give Them Homework They Will Love

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