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Mike Hogan


Mobile Learning in Business English

There has been much talk of mobile learning in recent years and how to implement it in teaching both in and outside the classroom, although focus is often placed on school or university settings. In this presentation I’ll outline how mobile learning can be applied to a Business English setting where training generally takes place within the learner’s company. I’ll give some practical examples of how teachers of such learners can use mobile devices to help them teach, and the learners themselves can use mobile devices to help and encourage their learning and usage of the their target language.


Mike Hogan is a communications & intercultural skills trainer and Business English author based in Germany. He is also a blended learning specialist with experience in a range of platforms and training types and advises organizations on training concept development and implementation. He coordinates and moderates free monthly online teacher developement workshops as part of the BESIG Online Team.

Mobile Learning in Business English by Mike Hogan

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