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Marina Petrovic

Demo lesson screensharing Vyew
The aim of this demo session is to present virtual classroom management and varied activities when teaching a group of students both synchronously and asynchronously. Firstly, I’d like to highlight the advanced features of Vyew virtual classroom, which allow teachers to keep groups of students highly engaged. The tools which I’ll be using in the demo lesson are as follows: video player, quiz, sticky note, annotation tools and chat. Next, in the second part of the session, I’d like to present how students meet in their Vyew classroom and do tasks asynchronously and how easy it is for the facilitator/teacher to communicate with their students in the newest Vyew version 4.0. Finally, I hope that the observers of this demo lesson will be able to see how the term „lesson“ can become obsolete in the context of online teaching 😉


Marina is an EFL teacher from Novi Sad, Serbia. She’s been teaching English and running a private language school for sixteen years now. Five years ago she started teaching online, both English and Serbian, and became fascinated by the possibilities which virtual worlds, virtual classrooms and online teaching tools offer to language teachers. She attended both the LANCELOT and IH COLT course. She the co-owner and webmaster at English for Beginners (,Serbian School online
(www. and Vyew Virtual Classroom training ( She’s been creating original digital teaching materials for her sites and online lessons, as well as language courses on (

Demo lesson screensharing Vyew by Marina Petrovic

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