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Collaborative projects are an excellent way of providing real communication in English for our learners. Technology allows us to incorporate simultaneous learning with students all over the world. In this webinar I will look at ways of setting up a collaborative online project with young learners, including answers to the following questions: Where do I start? Which platform should I use? How can I connect with other teachers? How can I make it work?

We will look at an existing project and think about how we could adapt or improve it to suit our own teaching situations. This session is aimed at teachers of primary and lower secondary learners although it may be of interest to those in other teaching situations.

Michelle Wogan has been teaching English since 1999 and lives in Spain where she is currently teaching coordinator at a small language school. She has written and published materials for young learners and often writes up classroom ideas on her blog: So this is English… found at . She is especially interested in professional development and she is @michelleworgan on Twitter.

Michelle Wogan: Collaborating with Kids

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