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Berni Wall

Mentoring is a practice that has long been recognised in the teaching profession as very valuable. With today’s overloaded teaching schedules, fast pace and getting to grips with technology, teachers can quite soon become overwhelmed and frustrated. Mentoring can help to guide teachers through these turbulent times whether a teacher is newly qualified or experienced but facing new challenges. In this short presentation I want to look at the value of mentoring and present a mentoring solution that can fit in with any timetable, time zone or teaching challenge.


Berni Wall has been an English language teacher, teacher trainer, examiner and mentor since 1977. She has taught University, Further and Higher Education, as well as 6 years of Primary school. She has also worked as a teacher trainer and as an English Language Examiner. Berni set up her own English language training business in 1995 delivering corporate language training for large multi-nationals SMEs and government agencies. (More in comment box below)

Mentoring by Berni Wall

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