Helaine W. Marshall, US

Moderation: Heike Philp

Youtube recording (72min): https://youtu.be/ojmXMGCfa0k 

The Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach (SOFLA) closely replicates actual classroom teaching and provides dynamic, interactive, spaces both asynchronously and synchronously to create fertile spaces for learning.  In this session, the presenter takes the group through the eight steps of the SOFLA Model: Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach (Marshall, 2017).  These steps, which are presented for both teachers and professional developers, include the following: (1) Pre-Work; (2) Sign-in Activity; (3) Whole Group Application; (4) Breakout Group Activities; (5) Share-out Time; (6) Preview and Discovery; (7) Assignment/Follow-up; and (8) Reflections.  Samples of actual student learning experiences are demonstrated and/or shared with participants. Participants are encouraged to rethink their approach to a lesson, project, or training that they are planning to deliver and to reflect on the session.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Pre-Work – This is flipped professional development, so there are a few short tasks to complete prior to the session. It won’t take long and it will make the session more enjoyable for you and for the group! https://api.playposit.com/go/listcode/668128/25413/903804/0/Online-Flipped-Learning-Learning-Culture-Pillar-Lesson

Helaine W. Marshall, Ph.D. is professor of education and director of language education programs at Long Island University Hudson Campus, where she teaches courses in TESOL and multicultural education, primarily online, using the SOFLA model (Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach.  Her research interests include leveraging instructional technology in education, culturally responsive and sustaining education, and non-traditional approaches to grammar instruction.  Her most recent book, just published, is Meeting the Needs of SLIFE: A Guide for Educators.  Contact her at helaine.marshall@liu.edu

WORKSHOP: SOFLA – Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach

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