Recording (35min):

The “Plan Conectar Igualdad” designed by the National Ministry of Education in Argentina opened the door to the 21st Century World. Having a laptop in the secondary class brings a new paradigm to every teaching situation. ICT is here to support our teaching with authentic material and through digital material we can find on the web. This presentation consists of a description of the “Conectar Igualdad” Programme in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina; how it was administrated and delivered and how the e-material was designed.

Liliana Simón is a teacher of English ,  administrator of  UNLP VLEs, and  a British Council  E-moderator. She worked as a co-coordinator for ConectarIgualdad, BA.  She develops e-material, delivers presentations and courses on Learning Technologies, “Plurilingual and Intercultural Programme and   ADULP/UNLP. She obtained a fellowship at Open University, UK.

Liliana Simon: Plan Conectar Igualdad

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