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Saturday, 9 October 2010 – 4pm GMT Marina Petrovic, Serbia is a website designed for young learners of English and their teachers and parents, perfect to be used in blended or online teaching, as well as for self-study. It is based on Cambridge Young Learners English Tests, but can be used independently. It’s divided into three levels: Starters, Movers and Flyers. The language learning content is versatile, starting from videos, audios, Voicethreads, embeddable and customizable PPTs, Prezi presentations, as well as links to Wallwisher, Worldle, VoxoPop and other easily accessible internet applications and sites.Most importantly, each page is based on the proposed Vocabulary and Grammar list from Cambridge YLE test Handbook, making the content standardized.

In her presentation, Marina listed eight dimensions which make unique and one step closer to teaching paperless.


Marina Malesevic-Petrovic, Novi Sad, Serbia has been an ELF teacher and teacher trainer for 16 years. She used to run her own language school until she decided that she felt more comfortable being a teacher than a business woman and decided to focus on high quality teaching. She is not entirely a language teaching professional. If you look at her websites she creates, you will see that she has branched out into technology and embraced it.

LeWiNoW – One Step Closer to Teaching Paperless

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