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Saturday, 9 October 2010 – 5pm GMT, Arkady Zilberman,

The traditional one-to-one teaching cannot meet the scale of “English mania” brought to life by unprecedented growth of the Global Economy. A billion people around the world must learn English: we need a global language to solve the global problems.

The Language Bridge Technology (LBT) restores the innate ability to learn EFL in all adults by using simultaneous repetition and turning off subconscious cross-translation. LBT ensures learning EFL as a skill on a subconscious level. LBT is designed for blended learning and creating engaging learning experience on any device that the modern Digital Learners are using.

About Arkady Zilberman

I have Ph. D in material science, I loved science all my life and issued six patents in the former Soviet Union and five patents in the USA.
During many years of my work as a scientist and simultaneous interpreter I tried to find an answer to the question: why do adults have difficulties in acquiring a foreign language? In my opinion, most adults have a habit of subconscious translation into their native tongue when they learn a foreign language. They try adding a foreign language to the existing native language speech center instead of forming a new language center.

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