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During the last decade, the use of screencasting  has become very popular on the net. It has been mainly used as a demonstration tool (how-to videos or tutorials). For example, people can easily learn how to create an account in Blogger just by watching a video recorded by someone. In education and especially ELT, they have become part of approaches like the flipped classroom, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and MOOC (Massive open online course). It has been used over the last decade to provide feedback (Stannard, 2008, 2010) as well. Our presentation shows how we have been using screencasting to provide feedback to participants from the Podcasting for the ESL-EFL classroom session offered in the Electronic Village Online (EVO).

My name is Evelyn Izquierdo. I’m an ESP/EAP teacher at the School of Education of Universidad Central de Venezuela. I hold a master degree in EFL, and I have been interested in online activities after becoming a Webhead in Feb. 2005.

I am also  a co-founder of Avealmec (the Venezuelan CALL Association), in which I’ve had the pleasure of training other language teachers in Venezuela, including my own colleagues at the university. In 2008, thanks to my work in the ICT in ELT area, I won a full scholarship to attend the WorldCALL 2008 and represented Venezuela in Japan. It was a great experience to share my teaching experiences with the world and learning from my colleagues too. Besides this, I’m currently a member of the Distance Education Committee of the School of Education – UCV, VenTESOL’s Communications Coordinator and Avealmec President.“

Miguel Mendoza is an ESP teacher at Universidad Central de Venezuela in the school of librarianship. He holds a Master’s degree in English as a foreign language. He’s a freelance ICT consultant for the British Council in Venezuela. He had the lucky chance to attend some of The Consultants-E courses during mid 2000s. He’s a founder member and current Vicepresident of AVEALMEC (Venezuela CALL Association). He is also a member of IATEFL, Webheads and the iTDi community. Apart from ICT in ELT, Miguel Mendoza is interested in extensive reading and functional diversity or disability.

KEYNOTE Evelyn Izquierdo and Miguel Mendoza: Screencasting: A dynamic and interactive way to provide feedback

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