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Bill Collom

Inside Class: Teachers watching teachers

In this session I will demonstrate my online / mobile teacher training service, called InsideClass. We film Canadian primary / elementary teachers at work in their classrooms, then make short clips which show useful, high frequency classroom language that non native teachers can use in their own classrooms, thereby increasing the amount of authentic English being used in classrooms where teachers are not native English speakers. Teachers also benefit by seeing numerous classroom activities and lessons, methods and techniques, without the time and expense of travelling to a workshop. everything is fully mobile- users can watch on any device, anywhere, any time. So, I will show a few short clips, and explain how everything works, and answer any questions.


I am Canadian, based in Ontario. I taught English in Korea for five years, and I have been working on my current project for 2 years.

Inside Class: Teachers watching teachers by Bill Collom

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