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21st Century learners need a new way to learn and be empowered while improving their language skills. Educators have tools at hand that aid the process of achieving intended learning outcomes while meeting the learners needs and interests. Language skills usually require constant exposure to varied activities and in modern times this activities need to be collaborative, interactive and technology oriented. Participants will learn about several Web 2.0 tools: Facebook and Bookr, for writing at all levels and VOXOPOP, and VOICETHREAD for speaking skills development. Come and join the fun!

Grazzia Maria Mendoza Chirinos has a graduate degree in International Teaching from Framingham University. She is currently working on her second post graduate degree in TESOL. She has been active in ESL since 1992 and has done curriculum development for pre-school, and high school and in Higher Ed for English Language Programs. Has taught all ESL levels, tutored High School students in subjects related to Science and English, and volunteered in ESL projects in rural areas. She has been a US Embassy accredited teacher trainer since 2008, and a certified trainer of trainers with the SIT program since 2010. She has been an International speaker at TESOL International Association since 2007 and in 2012 was invited as a guest speaker. She has been a plenary speaker for conferences in Central America and also a presenter in Mexico, Central America and South America. She has also participated in Spanish Conventions and Symposiums related to General Curriculum Development. She has developed work as Coordinator for Pre-School, English programs in Higher Education, and Human Rights Offices. She is Chair of the International Awards Committee at the TESOL International Association. She is currently working at the Agricultural University of Zamorano teaching ESL and developing curricular changes and advancement of programs and peer observation processes.

Grazzia Maria Mendoza Chirinos: Web 2.0 tools that Enhance Language Learning Skills

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