Recording (29min):

This session will
1. share talkademy’s experiences of using virtual worlds in secondary schools doing language quests with mixed teams of remote partner schools
2. discuss talkademy’s approach of monitoring ongoing activities and retrospective data analysis for evaluating and assessing students language competencies

Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart is a free-lancer in the field of educational technology and co-founder of, a not-for-profit organisation, that engages in using and creating virtual environments for learning purposes. services universities, companies and individuals with learning events using Second Life and OpenSim and is a frequent partner in European projects (Avalon, Talk-with-me, NEXT-TELL, euroversity, eNspiration).

Before starting, Gerhilde received a dregree in computer science from the Technical University of Vienna and gathered about 10 years of professional experience in software engineering, project management, quality management and training.

Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart Language quests and data analystics in secondary school

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