Recording (20min only):

Join head writer and media director, Tara Benwell, on a guided tour of ESL-Library is an online library of resources for language learning teachers. It offers hundreds of ready-made lesson plans (English, French, Spanish) and over 2000 flashcards that can be organized in an online folder system, making it simple to add supplementary lessons and activities for a variety of classes. New content is added monthly, including MP3 files that can be downloaded and used in class. A weekly mini-podcast based on content from the library is FREE for English learners to access via the ESL-Library blog or iTunes. Student access will soon be available for select content. Join Tara to find out how to make the most of your ESL-Library subscription, and win a chance for a free yearly membership. A free trial access code will be provided for all attendees.

Tara Benwell is the head writer for and the media director for Red River Press. As well as keeping in touch with teachers through ESL-Library’s twitter and Facebook community, she blogs and records the weekly mini-podcast for English learners. After graduating from the University of Toronto with an English Lit. degree, Tara received her TESL certification in Canada and went on to teach English in Vancouver. Tara has been a project manager, online administrator and ELT material writer since 2004.

ESL Library

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