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Friday, 8 October 2010 – 10am GMT, English Attack Website, Paul Maglione

“Digital Natives” learning English need a special approach combining brain learning principles; the latest EFL pedagogical thinking; games-based learning; increased exposure to English; and learner autonomy. English Attack! delivers this using movie, news channel, and TV series clips; music videos, games and social networking, specially packaged for the EFL learner. The service, currently in worldwide Beta, will launch in Q4 2010.

About Paul Maglione

A dual American and Italian citizen, Paul was born in New York City, was raised in the US, Italy and the Philippines, and studied at Brown University in Rhode Island, USA and the London Business School in the UK. He also holds a TEFL Certificate from Rutgers University.

Following an early career in journalism and magazine publishing, Paul moved into corporate communications and then television, where he helped establish NBC and CNBC in Europe before taking on senior management positions with Turner Broadcasting Europe and CNN. He then moved to the videogames industry, starting at Scottish start-up iPlay and then moving to Paris to become President of Vivendi Games Mobile. In early 2009 he began work on English Attack! with his co-founder at Entertainment Learning, Frederic Tibout.

English Attack Website

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