Recording:  (28min)

(the visuals of the recordings in the beginning are poor and after about 5min, we are changing computers and visuals are much better then)

Virtual Worlds are considered an effective tool for role-play and simulation scenarios, providing a rich context in which toset activities. When students form real relationships, have real interactions, experience real emotions and really socialize, can the experience still be described as “simulation”?This presentation describes how virtual worlds can go beyond simple simulations and role-play, achieving a deeper level of engagement and immersion by using massive exposure to the target language with continuous feedback to achieve faster learning. 

About Shiv Rajendran
Shiv ( co-founded in 2005 — the oldest and largest virtual world languages school, with students in more than 70 different countries. Shiv has a Master’s degree in Digital Culture and Technology, a background using technology for a variety of purposes, and is a life-long gamer.

Photo credit: Caliburn Susanto

Beyond Simulation & Role play

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