Teaching English Online with ESLlibrary.com 

Ben Buckwold, Canada


Are you an English teacher or tutor? In this session, we will give you a quick introduction to the ESL Library digital platform, which is used in 10,000+ English language programs around the world. Our materials are appropriate for English learners of every age and every level.

Learn about our digital activities, printable lesson plans, and digital homework and feedback tools, which will help you save time and teach more meaningful classes every day.

Use ESL Library to create custom, sharable curricula, and unit plans or as a supplement to your existing curriculum. Unlike a core textbook, our library of resources continues to grow every week with fresh lesson plans and classroom materials.

Ben Buckwold is the founder and CEO of ESL Library. He is also a former English language teacher. He founded ESL Library in 2002 as a resource site for other English teachers like him. Now, ESL Library’s materials are used in thousands of classrooms in more than 100 countries around the world.

Our team believes that in order to learn a language, students must be interested in the content of each lesson. We have developed relevant, thought‑provoking materials that focus on real‑world issues, historical events, and natural dialogues geared toward teens and adults. We also have kid‑friendly lessons for young learners and middle schoolers as well as lessons for literacy classrooms.

In short, we have something for you. We hope you love us.

Teaching English Online with ESLlibrary.com

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