Building interaction in Zoom Sessions

Carol Rainbow, UK

Would you like to make your Zoom VC sessions more interactive? Come along and see the facilities that Zoom makes available, try out all sorts of activities, pop into and out of the breakout rooms to get a feel for how they work. We will look at how you can use annotation tools, text chat and audio chat to bring your lessons to life. We will look at sharing screens, a whiteboard, files, audio and video. I will share a multitude of ideas about the types of activities that you can do to engage learners. Come along and share your thoughts, questions and ideas.


Currently Carol Rainbow is an online tutor for The Consultants-E, teaching teachers from all over the world how to use technology, especially VC rooms to enhance their teaching along with how to teach online.

She has been using Virtual Worlds as a teaching platform for the last eight years for teaching ESL and e-safety having also been a moderator of many EVO sessions about using Second Life for education, machinima and games making.


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Building interaction in Zoom Sessions

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