Read Aloud Moodle Plug in for Reading & Listening Activities

John Allan, US

Language instructors are already challenged to teach a social subject, fully online, as lockdowns continue into 2021. Any relief that technology can offer with tangible results, using a simple tool should be welcomed in the language education community. The Read Aloud Moodle plug-in assists students and instructors by providing individualized listening, reading and pronunciation activities. Simply, students read a passage, then Read Aloud’s AI evaluates the audio file, data is provided to the teacher and the teacher can use this data to assist the student with their reading skill. Educators can also use this data to benchmark their students’ oral reading abilities. Read Aloud saves teachers time and energy as students engage with Read Aloud in an individualized fashion, and feedback is provided to learners and the instructors. Students can repeat activities for mastery purposes if the instructor provides this opportunity. Read Aloud provides four learning events, which will are detailed in the sections below. Read Aloud includes the following benefits: oral reading practice for learners, oral reading benchmarking, reading skill development, listening practice, pronunciation practice, automatic or manual grading for tasks, performance reports, reading fluency and accuracy enhancement and instructors choice of the reading content. In this session, a few of ReadAloud’s features will be demonstrated.

John Allan is a dedicated education specialist with diverse experience driven to learn, teach and innovate. He has a keen interest in exploring new blends of learning in various fields. He is currently working as a designer/developer on settlement and language learning projects across Canada. As well he is also teaching design at Algonquin college. He blogs for eLearningWorld, and TESL Ontario,

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Read Aloud Moodle Plug in for Reading & Listening Activities

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