How language teachers have adapted to digital teaching

Richard Osborne

Since the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, I’ve been teaching groups of language trainers how to use video conferencing and online tools to enable them to continue teaching using their computers. I’ve seen every profile of teacher from the technophobe to the super-geek adapt their teaching style and adopt this ’new normal‘ way of teaching into their repertoire. This talk will present some key findings and lessons learned from my experiences with those language trainers.


Richard Osborne started teaching adult professional English in Paris in 2009. Equipped with a CELTA, DELTA and a lifetime of tinkering with computers and the internet, he represents the perfect marriage of the digital and the pedagogic (all the while remaining unbelievably modest of course). Since 2017 he has been running digital training courses with teachers and their institutions all over France and online.

How language teachers have adapted to digital teaching

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